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The Leafies 2022 has now closed.

Keep your eyes on our social media to see when The Leafies will return for 2023.

Lights, camera, action, the Leafies Short Film Competition is back for 2022! We want YOU to share your voice on an environment and sustainability topic that you’re passionate about. The LEAFIES short film competition is a great way to showcase your ideas, creativity and commentary locally and on a global scale. Don’t miss out!



There are two awards up for grabs:

Judges’ Choice

Our panel of judges will choose they’re winner based upon the Judging Criteria.

Prize: £50, and a feature screening during Green Film Festival 2023.

People's Choice

The films will be posted onto the St Andrews Green Film Festival Facebook page. The film with the most likes by a closing time will be awarded the People’s Choice Award.

Prize: £50, and a feature screening during Green Film Festival 2023.




  • Films should be between 2 and 20 minutes long.

  • All film types (story, documentary, vlog etc.) are accepted, but they must have a link to the environment.

  • Individuals/groups can submit up to two short films.

  • Entrants must either i) a students of the University of St Andrews, ii) a staff member of the University of St Andrews, or iii) a resident of Fife.

  • Films should be appropriate for all audiences.

  • Films must be submitted by Friday 4th November 2022 by 23:59 pm, via the link at the bottom of this page.

  • All entrants must agree and adhere to the Terms & Conditions of the Leafies.




  • Films will be judged by the content of the film, its ability to educate, inspire, and raise awareness of the film’s chosen topic.

  • Films will be judged on three main areas: content, creativity and audience interaction

  • A film that truly discusses solutions to environmental problems will rank higher than a film that only loosely discusses solutions.

  • A documentary with a clear message is preferred over abstract pieces.

  • Films — both fictional narratives and documentaries — are encouraged to include scientific facts about the environment and/or sustainability.

  • Gear doesn’t matter! Fancy equipment, b-roll, and camera moves will not necessarily score you more points. What’s most important is your film’s overall message.

Any questions? Email us at .


All set? Submit your film here!

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