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GFF 2021 Programme

8-15th February 2021


Monday 8th
Online Film Screening
7PM* | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Shark Girl (2014) tells the story of the 19-year-old conservationist, filmmaker and activist, Madison Stewart, and her passionate fight to protect sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. Growing up by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Madison has always considered these notorious predators as family, feeling no fear diving into waters teeming with sharks. When she realises that the creatures she loves are disappearing fast with devastating impact on the entire marine system, she turns her passion into action and sets out to end their slaughter, taking her campaign to the heart of the Australian shark fishing industry and connecting with a global network of conservationists. Shark Girl is an inspiring tale and true eye-opener on the importance of sharks: incredible, misunderstood creatures.

director: Gisela Kaufmann | running time: 46mins

Thursday 11th
Online Film Screening
7PM* | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Chasing Coral (2017) is a multi-award-winning documentary, directed by Jeff Orlowski and follows a team of ocean conservationists led by Richard Vevers. Chasing Coral powerfully exposes the silent war that rages beneath the waves, shedding light on the mass coral bleaching through stunning cinematography capturing coral from their vibrant beginning to their greying skeletal end. With carbon emissions warming the seas and driving mass coral death, Chasing Coral weaves an uplifting narrative that we can still make change with hope that life underwater will thrive again someday soon.

director: Jeff Orlowski | running time: 93mins


Saturday 13th
Online Film Screening
7PM* | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Kiss the Ground (2020) is an award-winning climate documentary, narrated by Woody Harrelson, that shines a light on regenerative agriculture as a viable solution to the climate crisis. This film, with its compelling graphics and visuals, and through the voices of scientists, activists and farmers alike, reveals the healing power of soil as a means to rapidly stabilise the Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies. Inspiring, ground-breaking and optimistic, Kiss the Ground conveys a message of hope: we can solve the greatest challenges that face humanity and soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.

director: Rebecca Harrell Tickell & Joshua Tickell | running time: 84mins


Monday 15th
Online Film Screening
7PM* | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Seeding Change (2021) is an award-winning documentary that highlights "triple bottom line" businesses, that is, companies that have social, environmental and financial solutions built into their business models. The film aims to educate consumers on how they can help to save the world through their purchases; literally, “voting with their dollar”. Viewers will be left feeling empowered that they can make a positive change for the planet by practising conscious commerce and supporting brands and products that align with their values and address some of today’s most challenging issues, be that poverty, danger to biodiversity, or degradation of rainforests.

director: Richard Yelland | running time: 49mins

*UK time

Each screening is followed by a small discussion!

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