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a. You agree to the public screening of the film at times and locations of our choosing for the purpose of being an eligible entrant on the Leafies short film competition and promoting your film.
b. You agree to having the entirety of your film posted online, for the purpose of the public voting on the People’s Choice Award.
c. You agree to the use of any parts of your film to be shared online, across all platforms, and internationally, for the purpose of marketing, publicity and promotion of your film, promoting Green Film Festival, promoting partner organisations, and future Leafies Short Film Competitions.
d. You confirm that you hold all rights, permissions and copyright on the film, its content, its parts and elements and have the right to assign a license for use in accordance with the requirements above to Green Film Festival and its partner organisations.
e. You agree that Green Film Festival reserves the right to withdraw any films from the competition, on the basis of rule breakages, inappropriate content, or other reasons for unsuitability at the discretion of the committee.
f. You agree that Green Film Festival will do all within its power to reward the screening of entries as an event at the 2023 Festival, however reserves the right to withdraw this prize, without compensation, if such an event becomes no longer possible.
g. You agree that Green Film Festival reserves the right to curate which films are chosen for screening during the 2023 Festival.​

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