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GFF 2023

Catch up on the Program from 2023.

Monday 6th
School 2, St Salvator's Quad
6:15PM | Free entry.

How do you get off the grid when the grid id now everywhere? Artist and filmmaker Marie Lidén invites audiences into the isolated world of William, a young man who's spent a decade reluctantly retreating from modern life. Hidden in a foil-encased bedroom, beneath layers of copper-lined fabric, William speaks open to Lidén about suffering from the condition known as electrosensitivity. Shot partly with a hand-cranked Bolex camera, what emerges is a lyrical and empathetic portrait of loneliness and isolation - and a loving family's efforts to save their son's life.

Director: Marie Lidén | Running Time: 1h24 | Rating: 15

Thursday 9th
Aikman's Bar (Cellar), Bell Street
8PM | Free entry.

Katia and Maurice Krafft loved two things - each other and volcanoes. For two decades, the daring French volcanologist couple roamed the planet, chasing eruptions and documenting their discoveries. Ultimately, they lost their lives in a 1991 volcanic eruption, leaving a legacy that forever enriched our knowledge of the natural world. Fire of Love tells a story of primordial creation and destruction, following two bold explorers as they venture into the unknown, all for the sake of loved.

Director: Sara Dosa | Running Time: 1h34 | Rating: PG


Friday 10th
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street
7PM | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Tickets from £6, Find them here!

Taming the Garden tells the story of centuries-old trees that an influential man collects for his private park. Director Salomé Jashi accompanies this bizarre as well as harrowing process, making uprooting tangible in its very real as well as metaphorical meaning.

Director: Salomé Jashi | Running Time: 1h32m | Rating: 15

Saturday 11th
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street
7PM | In Cooperation with The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Tickets from £6, Find them here!

This stunningly beautiful film takes us to the Bolivian highlands, where an elderly Quechua couple has been living the same daily life for years. During an uncommonly long drought, Virginio and his wife, Sisa, face a dilemma: resist or be defeated by the environment and time itself.

Director: Alejandro Loayza Grisi | Running Time: 1h28m | Rating: 12A

Each screening is followed by a small discussion!


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