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About the festival

Founded in 2013, the St Andrews Green Film Festival has continued to inspire people by showcasing the most inspiring and world changing films and documentaries in the hope that they might become more aware about issues regarding climate change, the environment and sustainability,


Our non-profit week-long festival combines a mixture of films, discussions and talks covering a variety of subjects- including food, biodiversity, energy and the oceans. 

The Festival aims to inspire people by displaying brilliant examples of change at a local level, simultaneously acknowledging the “think global, act local” attitude. The majority of St Andrews Green Film Festival’s events are targeted toward individuals of all ages, with the hope that they will engage in productive discussion of environmental issues and the ways in which they can be addressed.


The festival is supported by Transition University of St Andrews.


For any queries, please e-mail:

or phone the Transition office at 01334 464000.

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